Pi.TEAM – Secure Data Back Up and Recovery

Data backup has become essential in all spheres of accounting. Before the introduction of cloud based accounting services, the financial data was backed up in physical data storage devices like pen drives, external hard drives etc. Even though the data was saved in external memory banks there was an always a risk of losing them as these hard drives had to be handled very carefully. Cloud back up has offered a hassle free solution to these worries by doing online back ups instantaneously when connected to the cloud backup solution.

We at Pi.The team has started doing a backup every 24 hours that is your accounting and financial data are automatically saved every day without any interruption to your business activities. We also have a two step authentication for your financial and accounting data of your business. So be carefree when you are availing the services of Pi.team as we give the promise of protecting your data and providing the best service for your business growth.

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Pi.TEAM bags a spot in the list of top 25 cloud accounting software :)

“Pi.TEAM is a standout newcomer in this quarter’s Category Leader ranking of Accounting solutions, with a total score of 32. An impressive score of 15 for its security features and a 9 for its software integrations both contributed to Pi.TEAM’s first time entry into GetApp‘s ranking for Accounting solutions.” – says GetApp App Accounting Researcher Rhiân Davies

Yes, we have done it! We have secured a spot in the top 25 list of cloud accounting software in the survey done by GetApp. Pi.TEAM has been ranked in the 20th place in GetApp rankings. We first want to thank all our customers who made this possible and we hope that their support will propel us to the first place very soon. We have been acclaimed for easy system integration and easy to use interface in creating invoices. The beauty of our system is that you don’t need to have special accounting training to use our software as all our systems are pre-configured. As our customers already know we offer integration with multiple payments getaways and email service providers to fill the functionality gap between the software and the customer.

 We are also very proud to announce that we have got very good reviews for our security feature like data backup, encryption, and validation in securing your data. After a detailed review, we have been said to occupy a share of 30% in the integration with the most popular apps which is huge and soon we will be providing our service on all platforms. The reviewers have given us a whopping 4.75 out of 5 based on customer’s reviews. We also have very comfortable pricing plan particularly designed to accommodate our customer’s requirements and if we say it is free then it absolutely 100% free.

Our accounting software has been termed to be user-friendly by GetApp and our features of auto-magical integration of bank and cash accounts, the currency conversion rate which is done in real time have received a special note in the survey done by GetApp. As we operate on cloud our customers have the accessibility of their business anywhere and at any time as accessibility allows the customer to have a constant control in the state of the business. As you know already we have already received the Rising Star award and the Great User Experience award early this year and this the next feather in our cap.

We extend a call to all our customers and the future customers to continue and join our organization for their accounting needs. We can proudly say that we will improve our services till we reach the highest point of customer satisfaction in as a result doing making Pi.TEAM you most preferred partner in the maintenance of your accounts and give your business an positive growth.

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Do you really need a CFO for your small business?

Do you really need a CFO for your small business?

As the modern times have developed, so has the facet of the business. Now there is a multi level aspects with each needing an in depth scrutinization and analytical working to get the company to reach its full potential. As a business needs a certain kind of requirement of every aspect, the aspect of a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is very inter disciplinary. The CFO of a company is not a person who handles only the financial requirements of the company but is also a person who contemplates and advises the owner to take a suitable course of action which pertain to many areas of developing the business.

There are certain roles that a CFO plays in the business as the owner of a small business cannot be present nor handle each and everything themselves. CFO has the potentiality to restructure the business and can push the business in taking the right path.

Accounting duties:

The bottom line work of a CFO is that of a financial controller and taking decisions based on the financial position of the business. They keep their eye on the bottom line and channel the required funds and advice on using them and if there is a deficit of funds they devise a plan in a way which benefits the company, as well as the client’s satisfaction, is achieved.  They ensure a smooth facilitation between the financiers and the company if there are any dis agreements.

Technical reports of the position of business:

As the CFO is the technical head in the accounting area of the business he /she has the responsibility of maintaining or overseeing the books of accounts and ensuring that there is no discrepancy in the books of accounts. But this cannot be done by you because a s a  small business owner you would have to oversee the whole business and ensure its smooth running or you may lack the skills which are needed for this aspect, no one knows it all or we cannot exist in different dimensions , it was always better to seek out help .CFO ‘S also ensure the business is compliant with all the required tax provisions and business operating criteria and is stays updated on the same.

Analyzing every aspect of the business:

This is something, not all business owners but a person who has experience in the dynamics of business and has the required experience of supporting a business or a startup can do this very easily and can support the business growth. Basically, as a business owner cannot say no to everyone as he/she might be obligated to do it but a CFO can play hardball and stand firm in the decision which benefits the business.

A key player in the merger or acquisition of the company:

The CFO plays a very important role of an advisor during a merger or an acquisition as he/ she are able to analyze the weakness and the strengths of the both companies during a merger or acquisition and is able to advise the entrepreneur whether to go through with it or not. If they are then what should be done to adapt to the changes that will happen within the company and its financial position.

Internet age compliant:

As the internet has evolved so has the book keeping ways of and as a small business e are quite dependent on technology and not all small business owners are proficient on the technology front, this is where the CFO comes to the rescue of a small business owner by introducing automated software and by making the business more economical and profitable for the entrepreneur.

Remote relationship builder:

As a small business on is obligated to have a better standing relationship and an in earning a good name in the market in respect of their business. The CFO can facilitate and foster a respectable and cordial relationship between the bankers or potential clients and can introduce one to better prospects. As the CFO is a person who has expertise in the field of accounting and other strategic decision making the financial lenders favor the opinion of the CFO thereby making it easy for the business owner to secure loans and advance the business.

Managing cash flow:

As most of the small business is in not experienced in the issues of cash flow or the idea of managing  and having  a positive cash flow it is better to appoint  a CFO as they are experienced and can find solution to critical questions such  as;

  • Is the cash flow enough for the workings of the business?
  • Is the cash flow is in profitable position?
  • Are the existing invoicing systems enough for the current state of the business?
  • Is there is any overdue or incomplete accounting procedures to be completed?
  • Would the financial position of the company be better improved if there is an additional flow of funds?
  • Is the company ready for expanding or does it have to restrict its current operations due to the cash crunch?

You don’t need to be omniscient:

If you have capable CFO then there is no need for you to run corner to corner for all the operations of your company.  The CFO will perform as an accounting controller, a relationship facilitator and as a strategic advisor to you thus enabling you to have a successful business and earn a good standing in the market.

In conclusion, one could say that having a CFO is an all in all the best move for your business, but the decision of hiring a CFO should not be taken in haste as the size of your business, your financial position, tax compliance, the capital acquisition and other concerning factors should be also considered. But the advent of modern technology has paved way for having a virtual CFO and enjoying the benefits that a physical CFO could provide to the business and its growth.

Getting ‘Pitch Perfect’ – The 12 essential elements your pitch deck needs

‘If you aren’t getting rejected on a daily basis, your goals aren’t ambitious enough.’ – Chris Dixon, Co-Founder Hunch.

As a startup owner, entrepreneur or business head you know the value of a good pitch deck in presenting your enterprise to the right investors. Typically a pitch deck would consist of 15-20 slides in a PowerPoint presentation format with the intent of showcasing your company’s offerings, technology and team to investors.

Getting the confidence of investors, let alone raising capital, is no easy feat. Hence this is crucial for a startup to totally nail the investor pitch deck while articulating a compelling story.

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Getting ‘Pitch Perfect’ – The 12 essential elements your pitch deck needs


‘If you aren’t getting rejected on a daily basis, your goals aren’t ambitious enough.’ – Chris Dixon, Co-Founder Hunch.


As a startup owner, entrepreneur or business head you know the value of a good pitch deck in presenting your enterprise to the right investors. Typically a pitch deck would consist of 15-20 slides in a PowerPoint presentation format with the intent of showcasing your company’s offerings, technology and team to investors.


Getting the confidence of investors, let alone raising capital, is no easy feat. Hence this is crucial for a startup to totally nail the investor pitch deck while articulating a compelling story.


This article provides you the important elements for creating an engaging investor pitch deck. This article also gives you links to great sample pitch decks, guidance on presenting to angel and venture capitalists and nudging you in the right direction towards building your own deck.


The Important Do’s & Don’ts


The majority of startups tend to make a range of avoidable mistakes while creating investor pitch decks. Here’s an updated list of preliminary do’s and don’ts you should keep in mind when creating your own deck:


  1. Do keep ‘Confidential and Proprietary Copyright © by (startup name). All Rights Reserved.’ In the bottom left of all your pitch deck pages.
  2. Do convince your audience of the size of the market opportunity.
  3. Do tell a memorable and compelling story highlighting your passion.
  4. Do send the pitch deck in PDF format to your investors ahead of the meeting.
  5. Do include a soundbite for investors to remember you by.
  6. Don’t create a pitch deck that exceeds 15-20 slides. Further information can be included in an appendix.
  7. Don’t create wordy slides.
  8. Don’t use jargon or acronyms that investors might struggle to understand.
  9. Don’t belittle your competition.
  10. Don’t include poor graphics, poor layout or a low-quality looking deck.



What are the crucial slides an investor is looking for in your investor pitch deck?


Your investor pitch deck must cover the following topics in roughly the order listed below. The titles should be along the following:


  1. Company overview
  2. Mission statement
  3. The team
  4. The problem
  5. The solution
  6. The market opportunity
  7. The product
  8. The customer
  9. The technology
  10. The competition
  11. Traction
  12. Business model
  13. The marketing plan
  14. Financials
  15. The ask


  1. The ‘Company Overview’ slide


Your 1st page after the cover page needs to be the ‘company overview’ page. This is a summary of your business, the problem solved, the location, the management team experience and key traction established.


The page needs to grab the reader and convince them your company can grow big.


  1. The ‘Mission/Vision’ slide


Here you want a crisp summary of the company’s vision. A few examples could be:


  • ‘We are the Uber-like on demand solution for dog owners’


Your vision here needs to be the goal you want your company to become. Example – ‘Our vision is to become the leading online platform for upskilling college graduates and professionals’.


  1. The ‘Team’ slide


Here investors wish to know about your teammates. Many believe a company’s teams is the most important determining factor towards investing or not. This slide usually includes images of key team members, titles of team members, a short summary of the team’s prior employment and expertise and any consultants or board members whom might have worked with your company.


  1. The ‘Problem’ slide


Here’s where you define the problem your startup is solving. Size of, importance and for whom you are solving the problem.


  1. The ‘solution’ slide


As the previous slide spoke about the problem, this next slide needs to articulate your proposed solution and why it is better than other solutions in the market. Coordinate this slide carefully with the ‘product’ slide as there could be overlap.


  1. The ‘product’ slide


Here you are required to clearly article what are the constituents of your company’s product or offering consists of as well as what makes it unique. This slide must answer what the key features are, why do users care about the product, what are the major product milestones, what are key differentiating factors as well as the additional planned product features. Visuals and imagery play a big and important role here.


  1. ‘Market Opportunity’ slide


Here is where you show the investors how your business is a big opportunity into large addressable markets. On this slide you must define the market you are in, set forth the value of said market and include graphs and illustrations pointing out your company’s addressing of a large part of the market.


  1. ‘Customers’


Customers slide can be included if your company contained early customers. Use this for credibility and reinforcement. Logos work best here.



  1. ‘technology’


Investors will show a lot of interest in the technology you employ. This section of the investor pitch deck needs to highlight the basic technology backbone, the key intellectual property rights owned by your business, why this technology will be superior and why it will be difficult for competitors to replicate this technology.


  1. ‘Competition’


your competition will always be on the back of the investor’s mind. This slide must address the following: who are your competition? What gives your company the edge? What are the key differentiators?


Here is where your understanding of the competitive landscape comes into the fray. Get ready to answer questions regarding the competition. If you fail to do so, your investors will believe you do not understand the market.


  1. ‘Marketing Plan’


regardless of how great your offering might be, your go-to-market plan must be that of acquiring new users. The ‘Marketing plan’ slide needs to cover the key marketing channels to be employed, the early successes you have had and those channels which work, the PR being employed and all early press and buzz your company receives.


  1. ‘Financials’


What is the current financial situation of the company? Any investor would be wondering that prior to investing in your company. The future ‘burn’ rate would need to be understood as well here.


So here are the essential twelve slides any good pitch deck is required to have. It is a good plan to keep a variety of decks and test them on different audiences during presentation delivery.


Good luck with your next pitch!



Wave Goodbye to all your Accounting worries.

Pi.Team provides easy to use online accounting and invoicing software solutions for all your business needs. Founded in 2014, Pi.Team believes in simplifying accounts for business needs. Based in Delaware, Pi.Team provides business solutions to over 100+ small and medium-sized businesses over 5+ countries in the world.

The software solution Pi.Team provide is loaded with a plethora of features to assist you in managing fund flow, inventory and business expenses, such as advanced reports, multi-currency support, and accounting integration. Pi.Team is built on a non-accounting perspective simplifying accounting process with a user-friendly platform.

Meet Michael

Michael owns a small business in the US with an employee strength of 50 employees. Michael is very passionate about his job and believes in satisfying his customer’s needs. However, Michael faces trouble when it comes to maintaining proper books of accounts, and by the time the month comes to a close, Michael and his employees are left confused.

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Six budget ways to market your businesses & startups

Marketing a business for the first time can be very expensive, especially when it comes to digital marketing. In today’s world, it may seem like SEO and other valuable marketing tactics may be the only way to grow your business and market presence. However, you do not have to burn a huge hole in your pocket to market your business. 

To compete with the bigger competitors in the market on a smaller budget, you need to sell smartly. Here are few ways  that will ensure that you get the most out of your marketing techniques on a small budget.

  • Engaging Content:

Content in today’s digital age plays an important role in delivering information through images, videos, and written words. Not only does content helps your targeted audience know and understand your product but a good content helps in marketing your product in a way that will boost your business at a very low cost. You can write your content for your business or hire freelancers to do the same.

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Federal Quarterly Taxes in the US

Federal Quarterly Taxes in the US

Every American has the responsibility to fulfill their obligation to pay the right amount of tax. How big the tax is and how to pay it differ from one person to another. For instance, those who are employed have their income tax withheld by their employers. On another hand, those who are self-employed have to hand their tax to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) themselves.

What is an estimated tax?

The IRS annually collects taxes from individuals that earn income. Estimated taxes are collected four times a year. As your one’s income gets bigger, his or her tax also increases. The IRS is usually lenient towards individuals who underpay their tax as long as they are able to fulfill at least 90% of their liability. If it’s smaller than that, then there will be penalties incurred.

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8 Best New Employee Onboarding Practises Only You Should Know

In these fickle times that we live in, the onboarding process is essential to sensitive millennials who are most likely to be your new hires. As a CEO you must realise the right onboarding process is a lot more than just first impressions. When you spend time planning how your new hires get introduced to your company, it gives them the impression of you being someone invested in them. This will positively affect their future performance, their drive to hit goals and overall satisfaction with this new start.

This article has been written to help you succeed in these aspects. Consider the following 8 step onboarding process that will assist your new hires into integrating quickly into your company:

Before Day #1

  1. Creating an agenda for the employee’s first week – this is much easier in planning this than it is to come up with with the new hire in the office waiting around. If you are unclear on what goes into this agenda, spend some time with the new hire’s manager or other teammates to decide which aspects are important. Realize this could be a great time to assign mentors or work buddies.
  2. Welcome each new employee with a gift – to assist in allowing the new hire to feel like part of the team, present the new hire with branded materials on their desk. Easy ideas would t-shirt, work bag, pens, coffee mug or a notepad. This helps the new hire feel very welcomed and builds brand loyalty immediately.
  3. Helpful information could be sent out – assist the new hire by clearing first day jitters. You can do this by clearly communicating the information required for the first day. Include details such as parking rules, office directions, dress code and whom to speak with when you first start your work.

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Pi.TEAM wins two of FinancesOnline’s best billing software awards

Ever since we started Pi.TEAM, we’ve been working hard to keep our customers excited and stay ahead of competition through break through innovation.

Just recently, Pi.TEAM got rewarded for being a straightforward, yet detail-accurate invoicing system for small and medium businesses. Our mission to facilitate financial control and make digitized accounting accessible to non-accountant users paid off, as we are now featured on one of world’s leading B2B software directories – FinancesOnline.com!

The software review platform assembled all valuable Pi.TEAM information in a reader-friendly review, but also tested our system to estimate how well it meets customers’ requirements. It was then that experts decided Pi.TEAM deserves the 2017 Rising Star Award and Great User Experience Award for billing software, both reserved for premium systems that fill in critical functionality gaps. Pi.TEAM deserved those with its user-friendly interface, knowledgeable support agents, and admirable traction with its current customers. Continue reading “Pi.TEAM wins two of FinancesOnline’s best billing software awards”